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Hello everyone! I am super excited to be a part of Moonlit ReadsTrick or Treat Blog tour. What I am sharing today is a treat, there is no other way to say it. I was lucky enough to be able to interview the amazingly talented Salome Totladze.

Because I am unable to contain my excitement…here we go!


Hello, thank you for joining us today. Could you introduce yourself, how long have you been doing this, and let us all know where we can follow your work?
Hello, My name is Salome Totladze, but I go as Morgana0anagrom on social media. You can find my art on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

I actually only started 2 years ago. I mostly work on book illustrations, book covers, and character designs.


Wow…only 2 years! Your work is stunning. I love that you work on book related images. Seeing a character I imagined come to life in your work is truly magical. Is your art for sale? Where can we find it? Do you accept commissioned pieces?
I sell prints on my Redbuble shop ( ) and yes, I accept commissions.



Well, well, well…looks like I might be saving some money up! *Quickly admires your work on Redbuble* That means you too reader…go check out these amazing prints you can grab. Don’t see anything you like? Have one made! So, did you attend an art school or are you self-taught? If you attended school, which one? Tell us a little about the school or how you taught yourself.
I consider myself self-taught. I learned traditional and digital art all by myself. I studied fashion design in Tbilisi state Academy of arts and then continued studying it in London College of Fashion.


That is truly amazing. I love seeing other self-teach, especially when you have a talent for it. I have been self-teaching photography but fallen off the wagon because, you know, life… What has been your biggest struggle as a freelance artist?
I think the biggest struggle for any artist is exposure. If no one sees what you can do and create they won’t give you the work. There are many artists out there who are not well known enough to have decent freelance jobs.



Yes, I agree with this so much. The same goes for any aspect of freelance work. I am a freelance proofreader, learning to edit as well, and I rely a lot on word of mouth. Exposure is huge, that is why I love supporting authors and artists I see and enjoy, sharing the things I enjoy. What pieces of your work are you most proud of? Can you share them?
There are several I really like, but that never lasts long. I tend to find some small mistakes in every one of them.


Ahh…a fellow perfectionist. I feel you there. I am starting my own novel, yay NaNoWriMo, but every time I try to write something for it I end up changing things up. I like it initially but then I feel it could be so much better. It is all about those new ideas and if the old ones work well with them. When considering inspiration what gets your creative wheels turning?
I used to get my inspiration from my dreams, I loved to draw surrealism, I still enjoy drawing in that style. Right now I get inspiration from books. I love painting the characters.


Books can be so inspirational. I too get many amazing ideas from dreams, they can be so vivid at times. I love your character paintings! It is nice seeing your view of them based on their novel descriptions. Who is your favorite villain from a book or movie and why? Have you created a piece of art based on them?

Oh, I love villains. I just enjoy them way too much. I’m that person who will root for the villain to win the battle. Because for me villains are way more interesting than heroes. I liked Maleficent when I was a kid. I recently painted her as a male. These are several others I appreciate: Bellatrix Lestrange, Jadis the White Witch, Morgoth, and Sauron. Morgan Le Fay was my all time favorite. My social media name was inspired by that character.


Oh my goodness…yes! Villains are so interesting. You have some great ones listed there too, how can someone not like a good villain. I really like your painting of Maleficent as a man. What a wonderful twist on the character. Do you use any special software? How is your art created?
I use Photoshop CC for all my works. I’m currently testing out Procreate app.


I have Photoshop CC, I am trying to teach myself how to use it…but I don’t think it is going so well. I mainly edit photos on it but would love to learn more about its ins and outs.  Regarding villains, or characters in general, has there been a character that really creeped you out or sent chills down your spine? How do you bring their personality out in your work?
I hardly get that feeling from villains. Because I thoroughly enjoy stories about them but I remember how much I hated Scar from The lion king when I was a kid. That movie scarred me.



I remember despising Scar as well. He seemed so selfish and cruel. How could he throw Mufasa off a cliff then attempt to do the same to his son? Poor Simba… Now, we know you gain inspiration from character, especially villains. So, which character that you have created a picture of would you dress up as for Halloween if you could?
I would probably wear Manon Blackbeak’s outfit. Even imagining that makes me laugh. It would be fun.

Image result for Manon Blackbeak Morgana0anagrom

I love this so much. This would be a stunning costume. The detail you put into this image is amazing as well. Regarding comments or general advice, what is the most beneficial feedback you have received?
They are all important. I love reading comments on my posts. It makes me happy that my artworks receive so much love.



I will keep comments coming then! It is refreshing to see you take the compliments and chose to grow from them. That is a wonderful thing to be able to do. Now, how about a really fun question?

Ok, you have a huge Halloween gallery you are taking part in…which pieces do you show?
I think there are several which will fit the theme.



I had so much fun going through your art and finding some darker pieces! I cannot help but be amazed at your talent every time I look at your work. Is there any advice you’d give aspiring artists?
Keep drawing and do it every day if you want to improve. Creating art is hard. Learning how to draw is even harder but this work gives back way more than you put in. learn basics, anatomy is super important. Learn how certain shapes correspond to light. don’t just copy. When you understand how it works it will get way easier than you think. I draw since I was 3, never stopped and I still feel that I need to learn so many things. If you feel that way, its okay, that’s how it should be. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t draw something. That means you have room to improve.


Thank you again to Salome Totladze (Morgana0anagrom ) for taking the time to talk with me. You truly are an inspiration and I love your work.

I hope that you all enjoyed this interview! I know that I did. Did you notice I asked 13 questions?!?! I did that on purpose, 13 days of Halloween…13 questions in the interview! Do you like that twist? Have you heard of Morgana0anagrom prior today? What do you think about her artwork? Please let me know below! Be sure to stop by the other Trick or Treat blog tour stops and enjoy the plethora of interviews and other posts. Enjoy your 13…well 8 days until Halloween!


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