Would you rather Wednesday

Would you rather Wednesday

Welcome back to Would You Rather Wednesday! I am not sure this is an actual thing yet, but I am going to make it one…because I can. First I want to mention that I got the idea from Krystyna (Turning the Pages) and her weekly bookish meme challenge. I took part in her post last week, but Wednesdays work better for my blogging schedule, so I created my own weekly challenge meme. I hope that you all enjoy it!


Would you rather (10):


Read a book with a cliffhanger ending or read a book with a heartbreaking ending?


This is a tough one. I have read books with both types of endings. I suppose that a heartbreaking ending at least I know that is the end and I can properly grieve but with a cliffhanger, there is a chance to continue the story. If I enjoy the book I would much prefer a cliffhanger because then, despite the agonizing wait, I know there will be more. I will be once again to enjoy the characters I had grown to love.

I guess, in the end, I would have to choose cliffhanger. Waiting is hard but grieving is much harder, especially if your favorite character meets their tragic end.



What do you think…which would you choose?

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